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Michelle Lawrence
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I have been passionate about design for as long as I remember. I enjoy all styles and can't pinpoint a favorite liking them all.  I acquired my Interior Design Degree and a Sustainable Interior Design Certificate.  Being a  National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) member allows me to stay current and relevant in the industry.  I acquired my state designation for a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) designer.   I am bilingual speaking fluent Spanish.  I have been in the Design Industry for over a decade.  Having had the opportunity to work with various clients helping them through the design process to realize their dream home and spaces.  I finally made the leap to open my own business.  Collaborating with architects/ builders and tradespeople to complete the projects.  Specializing in Kitchen and Bath Design, I also offer Space Planning Services, and Consultations.  Projects that take into consideration multi-generational needs and the whole individual.  Pursuing excellence by offering the best solutions with integrity, wisdom and understanding.  I believe communication is a key element in this process.  Designing beautiful spaces that you want to live in;  knowing that design impacts lives.   It is about you; your life your home.  I don't design to feed my ego,  I design to help you achieve your dream spaces that enables you to live a healthy, happy life.  Let me help you achieve your design goals.  Contact me to schedule a meeting to see if we are a good fit.




The Process

The design process is a journey that sometimes can be intimidating.  We strive to make the transition from concept to reality as seamless as possible.  There are times that there may be delays, or back-orders, or other unforeseen circumstances.  In these situations you can trust us to navigate and see you to the desired outcome.  In the end, everything comes together and the challenges were really opportunities to see professionalism, integrity, and talent shine through.  Each project is uniquely different and timelines are affected by the complexities of each one.  The systems in place to minimize challenges that may arise are tried and true.   

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